Many people think about the cost when it comes to ink cartridges replacement. Genuine ink cartridges are quite expensive as compared to generic ink cartridges. However, there are several benefits of genuine ink cartridges that can outweigh the cheap cost of generic ink cartridges. Following are some reasons which clear why you should always buy genuine ink cartridges.


Genuine Ink Cartridges Manufacturers Invest In R&D

 Ink cartridges are rapidly evolving and getting improved from the very beginning. The latest ink cartridges are not the same as their forebears and hold a very little resemblance with them. Printing ink can bear the temperature around 300C to get vaporized and printing ink technology can drop as many as 36,000 drops of ink per second. The genuine ink cartridges are designed with an ability to deliver around 72.9 million possible colour combinations. You can find several ink cartridges brands like Brother, Epson, Canon, HP that brings the best printing solutions to you. Unlike this, the generic cartridges consist of printing technology that is way behind as they do not undergo R&D.


Original Equipment Manufacturers Conduct Ethical Recycling


Generic ink cartridge manufacturers do not adopt recycling steps since they keep 100% of their profit, on the other hand, genuine ink cartridges manufacturers invest a portion of their profit into ethical recycling practices once the printer or toner ink cartridges reaches to the end of the cycle. The non-recycled generic ink cartridges end up in the landfill once they reach the end of the cycle, therefore using them is creating indirect harm to the environment. 


Genuine Ink Cartridges Ensure Longevity


Genuine ink cartridges manufacturers keep in mind that their ink cartridges ensure the best value for money and provide the best yield to the user. On the other side, generic ink cartridges do not ensure longevity and provide low standard printing quality. They may also sometimes lead to wastage due to misprints, which further increases the cost of printing.


Generic Ink Cartridges Can Damage The Printer

Genuine Ink Cartridges are designed considering all the specification of your printer, while the generic cartridges of ink are designed to be used in any printer. Thus a generic one might end up damaging your printer or cartridge slot and further lead to other costs of repairing it. Therefore it is always suggested to buy genuine ink cartridges as it reduces the risk of printer getting damaged and minimizes any foreseen repair costs.

So these were the advantages of genuine ink cartridges over generic ones. Though it costs more in the beginning, you can always stay assured that they will benefit you in the long run. So if you are looking to buy genuine ink cartridges online then you can get it from, where you will get a wide range of cost-effective printer ink cartridges online that will enhance the performance of your printer.

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