It is a well-known fact that machines run longer and perfectly when the components in them are maintained at regular intervals. Similarly, in the context of print media, the most crucial component that has to function continuously is the ink cartridge. Periodical servicing is necessary to keep the printer running. It is advised not to let the printer run dry when it is empty on ink in the cartridges. In this post, we shall see how does one manage to successfully fill the ink cartridge in a proper manner again.

How to change the Ink cartridge?

When the ink is running low or has gone dry already, the ink cartridge may be needed to be changed. Often, it could get jammed and in some cases, break down, so a printer user should know how to change the ink cartridge like a master!

Make sure that there is no residue paper in the device. After turning the printer ON, uncover the casing that holds the cartridge. A push-button mechanism may be visible to facilitate the sliding of the ink cartridge out of the casing. Replace the old cartridge with a new one. Push it down until a click is heard and finally cover the casing again. Run a sample print to check for accuracy and proper working.

How to refill Laser Printer Cartridge?

It is normally observed that the company bought printers do not contain any instructions regarding repair or replacement of components by the user themselves. This is a clever marketing strategy to improve sales. However, we will discuss the process of how someone can refill the ink cartridge of their laser printers kept at homes. First and foremost, one should be in possession of the exact ink powder also known as toner, before proceeding for a refill. Try to procure the exact same powder that has gone empty.

Now, find a clean space and cover it with paper as any spillage will cause a mess. Find the toner container, and empty the refillable packet into the container after properly opening it. Reseal the toner container securely so as to avoid any leakage.

How to change the Print Cartridge?

Changing the print cartridges is quite an easy task. Make sure to have new ones before opening the device and taking out old ones. Turn the printer ON and open the scanner flap. Depending on the model and company of your printer, I will have an instruction panel to get the cartridge to pop out of the container slot. When the cartridge is out, carefully take it out and put it on a washable surface, to avoid any stain due to leakage.

Take the new cartridge, shake it a few times, remove any protective covering and place it gently into the designated slot of the printer. Close the scanner flap again and test print a page. You can choose to purchase good quality printer ink cartridges from our online store and website at