It is no hidden fact that better results require equally better efforts to be put in the process. Same analogy goes along with the world of gaming. Gone are the days when blurred pixels would suffice for the simple games meant for basic hardware systems, at home or in gaming PCs. Now, the graphics card is a highly essential aspect of the computer hardware industry.


What is a Graphics Card?

A graphics card, as the name suggests, is a part of computer hardware that assists in rendering an image on to the display system of the console. The result is in proportion to the quality of the graphics card, i.e. better the display quality desired; equally better the graphics card quality has to be.


What are the varieties offered in Graphics Card?

In old age models of motherboards built for PCs, there were no dedicated slots for Graphics Card. However, as the time passed, the requirement for better graphic quality boomed and thus, the configuration of hardware changed too.

There are majorly two varieties of Graphics Card offered in market – Integrated & Discrete.

Integrated ones are embedded into the motherboard from the factory sets a standard feature of the system. They have certain limitations with respect to the modification but come as a cost saver for the customers.

Discreet ones are sold separately, as an additional hardware option to be used as per the requirements of the customer. There is wide scope for making modifications and they shoot up in the price range as well.


Where is a Graphics Card used?

A graphics card, irrespective of being integrated or discrete, finds many applications in the gaming and video editing industry. These two sectors rely heavily on the quality of graphics. With new and much heavier PC games being launched each year, the use of high definition graphics increased too. And, with the coming of social media industry as a new contender in the market of good graphics, the scope for better graphics card being introduced with good image rendering time and durability seems a profitable future.


What factors should be kept in mind while purchasing a Graphics Card?

This doubt arises in them mind of many potential buyers making a technology dependent purchase for the first time. Following are some factors to be considered to make a right choice:

  • GPU – Acronym for Graphics Processing Unit, it acts as medium to translate data from CPU to graphics card.
  • Slots – Additional graphics card could also be used in tandem, so go for a system that offer more slots.
  • FPS – Acronym for Frames Per Second, it is the number of times an image is refreshed in a second for the user to get better details. More FPS, better image processing.

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